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After taking the new Ableton Live 9 Killer Sound Design tutorial on MacProVideo, I'm starting to see the powerfully effective workflow associated with using my new Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The Push Tutorials offer even more ways to use my new gear both on stage and in the studio. Its a known fact, in my circles, that I love making and sharing new music. I like having access to certified training videos for easing the learning curves associated with getting started with music recording and production in Ableton Live and other software programs.

Guitar Center Houston has given me access to a ton of tools and resources and I for one welcome the challenge of learning every possible solution for music makers. With all of the products used to record and perform music, knowing how to use them all is no easy task. People often come to me with questions about how to use their DAW and which DAW to get. Although I try to help all of them, sometimes new music creators need more information than I can offer. For this reason I strongly recommend that they check out for help with using music production software; it's the best website to learn from.

MacProVideo provides a huge selection of Tutorials on how to use programs like Ableton Live, Reason, Pro Tools and more. They also have tutorials on topics such as Studio & Recording Techniques, Songwriting and Production, Studio Design and Construction, etc.

MyFlashStore is an online store that helps beat makers to effectively start selling beats online, for free. Producers wanting to earn money with beats set specific goals for themselves and identify the clearest paths toward accomplishing them. If you're a beatmaker, creating an online beat store should be at the top of your list of goals. We've already invested our hard earned time, energy and money into creating new music. MyFlashStore is how most producers are seeing a return from that investment online and off.

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