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Live Sound 101


Join us for an informative class that covers some of the necessary components of a live sound setup, EQ techniques and more. Learn how to select the right PA for your needs and a few mixing basics. Workshops are held at every Guitar Center location open 60 days or more on Wednesday at 7 p.m.


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Recording Made Easy for iPad

Dialing in Your Amp

Recording Made Easy: GarageBand

If you're looking to produce the highest resolution audio quality from your music or other recordings, Universal Audio Apollo Interfaces should be at the top of your list of gear to consider and get. Audio Engineers and professional music makers around the world have decided to use Apollo, Apollo Duo, Apollo 16 and Apollo Twin as their primary interface when recording live or studio productions.

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition - Music/Band<form

The GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition - Music/Band has everything you need to capture engaging, pro-quality photos and video of your performance. Studio and jam sessions can be taken to entirely levels with friends or playing gigs. Mount the camera to instruments, turntables, mic stands and other stage equipment for intriguing high definition footage that draws audiences in and allowing them to experience your music in new ways.

Pictures and videos are the best ways to share your musical content online, without giving it away for free. Capturing high quality video footage during live performances onstage can be tricky. After all, we can't just have camera guys on the stage during live performances. The guys over at GoPro have developed and affordable solution for music and video makers who deliver high quality footage to their audiences, allowing users to demonstrate their skills in ways that demand attention.

Avid Everywhere for Audio

I'm anxious to see and learn more about Avid Everywhere for Audio. Pro Tools software has inspired the vast majority of workflows compiled into many Digital Audio Workstations used in audio engineering and music production today. This DAW has maintained a dominant since the 1990's, and it's interesting to see where Avid is taking this huge community of users. 

I'm even more interested in Avid Cloud Collaborations along with Avid Marketplace and more in regards to Pro Tools. Even though I hadn't originally intended on buying Pro Tools, it's still in my best interest to follow the development and growth from time to time of people and companies in my industry. May of 2014 I learned Pro Tool 11 became available to me for passing a training module, and knowing that the latest version of Pro Tools was on the way sparked my interest for learning more about What's New In Avid Pro Tools 11

After taking the new Ableton Live 9 Killer Sound Design tutorial on MacProVideo, I’m starting to see the power behind the new workflow associated with using my new DAW. Now I’m checking out the Push Tutorials to learn more ways to use my new gear. There's nothing like having access to certified training videos for easing the learning curves associated with getting started with music recording and production.

Working at Guitar Center has given me access to so many tools and resources that it can be difficult to keep up with everything, and I for one welcome the challenge. With all of the different ways to record and perform music, knowing how to use them all is no easy task. Customers often come to with questions about how to use their DAW and which DAW to get. For this reason I strongly recommend using  MacProVideo for help with using the gear associated with music making and production; it's the fastest way to learn.

MacProVideo provides a huge selection of tutorials of how to use programs like Ableton Live, Reason, Pro Tools and more. They also have tutorials on topics such as Studio & Recording Techniques, Songwriting and Production, Studio Design and Construction, etc.

Capturing ideas and developing them into works of art fuels my desire for making new music, which why I've decided to get Ableton Live 9! After watching countless videos on the latest in music production software couple with using a multitude of DAWs, Ableton is the software chosen to be at the head of my DAW. Now that integrated digital audio workstations are back on the rise, it was obviously a smart purchase.

Check it out, get a great rhythm section included when we get Propellerhead Reason 7 . The Reason Drum Kits and Electric Bass ReFills give us stellar backlines for nearly any type of beats we make. Since they're Hypersampled, we'll have the control needed to sculpt a dynamic sounding, unique rhythm section that makes our tracks come alive.

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