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Yamaha MX49


MX Series Keyboard Controllers

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After having the opportunity to play around with Yamaha’s MX Series keyboard controllers, we’ve decided it’s an instrument worthy of article placement on my blog. Producers who want high quality sounds added to their sample library and, at the same time, and a keyboard controller for your DAW should arrange a visit. The Yamaha MX49 or MX61 may turn up to be the superior DAW component when compared to others like it. No doubt, this is a professional keyboard and midi controller price just low enough for average workers building their first Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Contact us for an appointment to see the keyboard controller in action.

Creativity, in our experience, comes with hours of practice and sound searching and feedback. We train ourselves to quickly record our intellectual property in order to add to the production of our music over time. Sometime is takes a day, a week or longer to finish our songs, all for the listeners enjoyment. So the quality of the sounds we choose must be high, whether guitar or synth, and the way we play them must feel right. Hard setups and troubleshooting time can absolutely ruin our creative mind set forcing us to spend unnecessary energy doing something else, other than being creative.