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Sell Beats Online using MyFlashStore 

Now that independent music is so easily accessible, via the internet, music makers are able to earn more income for themselves both online and off. Any music producers looking to sell beat should definitely use MyFlashStore to sell beats. They don't charge commission, provide an automated order delivery platforms while supplying multiple online store designs to their users.

Our beats are valuable when other people recognize them as such, and they demonstrate this value by making a purchase. Most producers, those who are new at selling, want to know how much they should charge for the beats they make. Regardless of the dollar amount we charge, it remains our responsible to introduce new people to our music so they can buy from us. Meeting new people leads to new listeners, which make this the most important action for selling beats. MyFlashStore allows producers and music makers to spend more time doing just that, by providing us with an online store that automatically distributes our beats after they’ve been purchased. This gives us more time to make new beats and meet new people because we spend less time sending emails with attached songs, or worse.

Those of us who own websites will find a variety of store template designs that new listeners should find visually appealing, while keeping attention in our domain and not that of our competitors. MyFlashStore players are easy to embed and can be placed on multiple websites, which is excellent for generating fresh listens from new ears. By placing this music player on our websites, we financially benefit from social networks like facebook, twitter and Google+, while maintaining a low maintenance web presence. After set up, all we need to do is continue uploading new beats, monitor the feedback we get from others and respond when necessary. Simultaneously, because it accepts credit card payments via PayPal and with the latest mobile friendly media players, we’re making it easier for people to do business with us worldwide. The choice is obvious, using their media playing beat store is the best way to start selling beats now!

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